1.164 Release Notes (Weapon Update)

Any discussion of the most recent update belongs in this section.
The list for this version will be updated over time. [Version 1.164]


  • Added ability to move inside or outside rooms (underground, shooting room, etc.)
  • Added weapon AK-47, Shotgun, M4A1, MP5, Colt45, UZI
  • Added weapon animations (shooting, aiming, switching guns, reloading, animations, effects, camera shake, cursor)
  • Added weapon damage (You can now kill your friends)
  • Added underground station where you can buy and test weapons
  • Added 3 new characters
  • Added shooting room
  • Added weapon death icons (Killed by ...)
  • Added new crafting Metal Blocs (Small Bloc, Big Bloc, Ramp, Half-Pipe, ...)
  • Added "/setmarker" and "marker" commands (Set and teleport to a specific custom position. Not working when you are in an activity)
  • Added activity timer UI on top of the screen
  • Added activity countdown UI
  • Added sound zone transition (island, underground, ocean)
  • Added dynamic camera color blending effects


  • Graphics and textures optimization


  • Fixed weird wheels collision with the main island
  • Fixed duplicated stack item lost when purchasing something (Found by Jeichi)
  • Fixed objects deselect when someone place a new one (Creative Pad)
  • Fixed other stupid bugs
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