BETA - What's new in the version 1.157

Any discussion of the most recent update belongs in this section.
[ADD] Two button behind the inventory to show / hide the Adventure Book and the Vehicle menu.
[ADD] "Welcome to the BETA" + "controls" message when you enter in a room.
[FIX] Creative Stick & Pad bug that will not let you draw if you pressed the change material button before getting one.
[FIX] You can now change your password from the menu.
[FIX] I have also added transparent collider from each side of the main island so you can jump out of water.
[FIX] The "add friend" button will be removed on the local player's row (Adventure Book).
[FIX] SQL Query optimization (Load & Save map, display & search map, search / add / removre friends, etc ...).
[FIX] Removed the xbox controller instance that leave a mouse sprite in the middle of the screen.

BETA Version: 1.157
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