1.161 Update Notes

Any discussion of the most recent update belongs in this section.
The list for this version will be updated over time. [Version 1.161]


  • Added settings menu (Volume & Sounds control) [1.159]
  • Added Tool Tip in the "Create Game" and "Build Vehicle" Menu
  • Added map Screenshot function + Display in the map menu
  • Added ability to set / update the map Game Mode in-game (ex: Creative, Platform Racing, ...)
  • Added filter available room by Game Mode
  • Added 9 New Achievements
  • Added a new option in the settings menu to record mouse cursor.


  • Improved chop down speed [1.159]
  • You are now able to join your friends even if they are in another server region


  • Fixed Activity Panel (Platform Racing) - Unable to play a match if the MasterClient was not Registred [1.159]
  • Fixed One specific log on the island has physics problems and goes half underground (Found By Valcemis)
  • Fixed Pressing "I'm Ok" rather than buying points from Suspicious Moose takes money from you (Found By Valcemis)
  • Fixed the empty inventory when a player join a game in "Play Only"
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