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Anything related to in-game Bugs or Glitchs. (ex: can't cut tree, broken animations, etc ...)
Goodevening I am posting this post to report some bugs that I have come across during the BETA Release on Version: 1.156

  • When on the Moose-In Scene > Forgot Password GUI is hidden behind the Moose In therefore you cannot request new password ect.
  • Not sure if this is a bug but I can added myself as a friend. :oldmoose:
  • When changing password on the main menu it says the password does not match the old one. (Yet it does because I typed it really slow like 5 times)
  • When you fall in the water you cannot jump to get out therefore you are stuck.
These are all I have come across during my first play of Clumsy Moose, some of which I have listed above may not be bugs for example the water thing however, I wanted to list them so you can look just incase they are! <3

Thanks for reading this list Enrick!

:oldmoose: <3 :oldmoose:
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Thank you for this complete report Jeichi! :oldmoose:

[FIX] You can now change your password from the menu.
[FIX] I have also added transparent collider from each side of the main island so you can jump out of water.
[FIX] The "add friend" button will be removed on the local player's row.

BETA Version: 1.157
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